La Valletta (Malta)

25th-26th March, 2019. Malta University.


Coatings are use in urinary stents to: decrease friction, to reduce encrustation; to reduce formation of biofilm; and for drug eluting stent. Nowadays, there are many research groups working to improve stent coating to avoid side stents effects and improved the patient's quality of life.

This Workshop is directly related to the third objective of our network: Assess opportunities for improved stents related to the evaluation of new biomaterials, Nano-Technology applications, new coatings, eluting drugs stents and biodegradable stent materials.

Currently, the biomaterials used to make stents do not avoid encrustation, biofilm formation and bacterial colonization. More than 70-100% of the urinary devices are colonized by bacteria. This involves health problems, a high stent replacement rate and an increase of pharmaceutical expenses for antibiotics and analgesics.

Aims and Objectives

This Workshop will bring together a multidisciplinary group of researchers involved in urinary stents coatings. The aims of the Workshop are threefold:

1.        To consolidate a multidisciplinary network (urologist, translational researchers, bioengineers, etc) actively involved in urinary stent research to facilitate scientific knowledge exchange between young researchers.

2.        To create a cohort of skilled bioengineer/researchers with experience in Urinary stents.

3.        To provide engineers/biologists theoretical and practical knowledge related to current urinary stents drawbacks and the coatings in urinary stents.

Venue: Malta University. La Valletta (Malta). 25th-26th march, 2019.

Programme: Attached.

Practical information: Coming soon.

Participants deadline for pre-registration & to send abstracts. 12nd march, 2019. Evaluation and selection of applicants. The selection of attendees is made for different reasons (COST policies): Gender and country balance, broadening geographical inclusiveness, ECI (Early career investigator), ITC (Inclusiveness Target Countries, and of course their area of research must be close to the objectives of this Workshop (Coatings).

In order to participate in this Workshop it is mandatory to send an abstract related to any of the ENIUS topics. Attendees will defend their abstract on the second day of the workshop (15 minutes and 5 minutes of discussion).

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